Moves to Avoid in Texas Hold 'Em

When you ask for advice on how to play Texas Hold 'Em, many expert players might tell you what moves you should make, but fewer may think to tell you what moves you should avoid. There are actually several common mistakes that novice poker players make over and over again, but an awareness of such moves can help you avoid them.

Practice Patience

Many amateur poker players will sit down at a table expecting suspense and non-stop action, with frequent postings of high-risk and high-stakes bets. Real Texas Hold 'Em, however, does not always play out the way it does in the movies. Players new to the game need to learn to be patient. This means waiting to post the big blind, being cautious with their bets, and carefully considering their hands.

Don't Overexert Yourself

Many players new to online Texas Hold 'Em in particular get overly excited at the prospect of playing multiple tables. These players, anxious to win big right off the bat, will attempt to play several games at once, before they even mastered basic poker strategy. Don't overdo it, or you might experience some crippling financial losses.

Finally, don't just rely on other players to teach you everything. It is also important to do some research if you are new to Texas Hold 'Em. While a significant portion of the skill required for poker comes from practice, you can pick up a few solid moves by reading a book on poker or visiting a website with strategic advice.

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